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Progress Report on Thomas Heaney and Benjamin Ebbitt Grave Restoration Project

We have previously provided information concerning the condition of the graves of Benjamin Ebbitt and Thomas Heaney.  Both these former QP officers are buried at Toowong Cemetery.  The grave of Benjamin Ebbitt was in serious need of restoration and regrettably the Thomas Heaney grave was not marked at all.

Both Heaney and Ebbitt were admitted recently to the QPS Honour Roll as well as the National Police Roll in Canberra.

The FQPM engaged Dr Pete MacFarlane Architect + Stonemason Memorials to undertake the required work.

On inspection of the site on the 31 January 2018, the project report is as follows:

Ebbitt Grave

The restoration of the Ebbitt grave is now complete, however the FQPM plaque still needs to be attached at the base of the headstone.

Photos showing before restoration and after restoration

 Heaney Grave

Prior to this project, the resting place of Thomas Heaney was unmarked.  The FQPM determined that the scope of the works for this project would include a concrete base with a plinth at the head to display a metal plague bearing the details persons interred within.  Following later discussions, it was agreed that the attachment of a plinth could be substituted with the construction of a headstone made from two sandstone blocks (leftover material from the restoration of the Ebbitt grave).

Photograph of the Heaney grave. The headstone has been recessed to accept the identification plaque.

Photographs of the Heaney grave together with the sandstone headstone.  The headstone has been recessed to accept the identification plaque.

The plaques identifying the date and the organisations involved in the restoration of the graves is currently being made.

A dedication ceremony will be conducted at the grave sites following the finalisation of the project.  The FQPM have made the necessary approaches to the Commissioner’s Office to ascertain the Commissioner’s availability in July 2018.  Specific date to be advised.