Aims of the FQPM

  • To support the Queensland Police Museum in interpreting and communicating the history of policing.
  • To assist in the acquisition of collection items for the Museum by purchase, gift or otherwise.
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information between persons having an interest in or knowledge of the history of policing in Queensland.
  • To obtain gifts of money to service projects of the Museum and its collections, or other projects that enhance the appreciation of Queensland Police heritage.
  • To discuss and develop positive perceptions by residents, visitors and the broader community about Queensland Police heritage and related heritage places.
  • To publish or assist the publication of any work consistent with the objects of the FQPM.
  • To stimulate as broad a membership of the FQPM as possible.
  • To develop productive relationships between the Queensland Police Museum, the Queensland Police Service and the wider community and for this purpose to cooperate and/or associate with any other body or association having similar or allied aims.
  • To enhance and effectively share knowledge about Queensland Police heritage by promoting related movable cultural heritage in the community.
  • To restore, refurbish, enhance, preserve or acquire sites/objects of Queensland Police historical or heritage significance.
  • To act in a positive and constructive way that is supportive of the Queensland Police Museum and the Queensland Police Service generally, in the pursuit of any of these objects.

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Proudly sponsored by:

Queensland Police Union of Employees


Queensland Police Commissioned Officers' Union of Employees


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