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What personal data we collect and why we collect it


When visitors fill in a membership form we collect personal data items such as Name, Address, Email Address and Telephone number. This information will  be stored on our office computers in order to provide you with membership services.  We will store this data to provide membership services to you for as long as you are a member and for as long as government regulations require us to keep them.


When you buy something from us we store the information associated with the purchase in a secure manner. Your bank details are not stored.



Like most websites, we use cookies to collect additional website usage data and to improve our Services. Website usage data is used to monitor aggregate site usage metrics such as total number of visitors, pages viewed, locations and types of devices. We will store the cookie values on our platform to allow us to perform our analysis, however this will not be used to target marketing material to an individual user. We will retain active cookie data for a period of up to 2 years, a cookie will remain active if a user re-visits our platform.

Social Media

These cookies, provided by Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, are set when a visitor is logged in to or otherwise using their service. This allows a user to easily comment or share an article with their peers through the social network.

Who we share your data with

We share our analytics data with technicians and marketing experts. This data does not personally identify you. We do not share your personal data with anyone other than in providing you with a membership service or a purchase. If you make a purchase your information will be

How we protect your data

We store your information in a secure environment.

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