Items Donated

Book Donations


In 2017, FQPM member Kym Hyson generously donated the following books to the QPM:

  • Who Killed Leanne Holland by Graeme Crowley & Paul Wilson;
  • The Devil’s Eye by Ian Townsend; and
  • Three Crooked Kings by Matthew Condon.

Donated by: Kym Hyson

Virginia Gordon – QPM (left) accepting the books from Kym Hyson

Operation Order for 1954 Royal Visit


In 2013, FQPM Committee Member Wayne Coyne presented the QPM Curator with a bound copy of the Queensland Police Operation Order for the 1954 visit to Queensland of Her Majesty, the Queen. The document was a legacy from Wayne’s father, Andrew Coyne QPM, who served with distinction in the Queensland Police. Additionally, a signed letter by the then Commissioner John Smith was included. This presentation is very significant, in terms of the Queensland Police operational history.

Donated by: Wayne Coyne

FQPM Committee Member Wayne Coyne presents QPM Curator Lisa Jones with the Operation Order for the 1954 Royal Visit

Fashion Accessories


In March 2013 a man who claimed to be a Tahitian prince was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment for defrauding the Queensland Government of more than $16 million. Property that was bought with the proceeds of the crimes was seized from the man and later sold at auction. Two fashion accessories were obtained from the auction and donated to the QPM.

Donated by: Bob Atkinson

Police Ceremonial Items


FQPM member Wayne Coyne donated Mounted Police ceremonial items from his late father’s collection. Sergeant Andy Coyne QPM was a long time member of the Queensland Police Mounted Unit. The items consist of a metal two piece badge that is fitted on a baldric (a belt worn over one shoulder that is typically used to carry a weapon or other implement such as a bugle or drum), a ceremonial epaulette and an officer’s epaulette with an aguillette attached.

Donated by: Wayne Coyne

Proudly sponsored by:

Queensland Police Union of Employees


Queensland Police Commissioned Officers' Union of Employees


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